2023 Season

2022 Majors

2023 Season Information

I. Franchise Deadline: May 15th, 2023. (National & State fees- $30.00 each)

II. League Materials: All forms available on website at www.dbbusa.org

III. Rulebooks and Media Guide: Available from Boys & Majors State Director.

IV. Scholarship Program: Eleven National Scholarships awarded in 2023.

V. DBB Alumni Program Available: $25.00 annual fee to join.

VI. Age Control Date- The age control date remains April 30th for any 13 year old At the upper end of our age groups, a 19 year old that had his 19th birthday after; August 1, 2022 is eligible to participate. No one, that will turn age 20 before August 1, 2023 is allowed to participate in the program at any time! The age control dates are in the rulebook & on the website.

VII. 2023 World Series Information-
Junior Boys (age 13)                  Opelika, AL                      (July 21-26, 2023)
Boys (age 13-14)                         South Hill, VA                  (July 21-26, 2023)
15U World Series (age 13-15)     Sterlington, LA                 (July 19-21, 2023) 
Pre-Majors (age 15-17)              Sterlington, LA                    (July 21- 26, 2023)
Majors (age 15-19)                    North Charleston, SC         (July 21-26, 2023)

VIII. 2022 World Series Champions-
Jr. Boys (age 13)                        Central/Clemson, SC 
Boys (age 13-14)                       Hattiesburg, Mississippi 
15U Division (age 15 under)    JRPD East, Louisiana
Pre-Majors (age 15-17)             Southland, Louisiana 
Majors (age 15-19)                    North Charleston, SC

IX. 2023 Special Events:
Alabama State Games            June 9-11, 2023